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                     We all know that urge of reaching to your phone when you hear a message coming in or a quick look to find the address of the next appointment. We also know that using your phone, while driving has a negative impact on driving behavior and increases the chance for car accidents. Still we are doing this. This usage of mobile phones is the main reason for the increase in number of damages. 


Sun 26 Feb

Business Lease and ORTEC started partnership for electric fleet development

  • Business Lease Romania, one of the largest companies providing integrated solutions for Operational Leasing and Mobility, completed its first delivery of electric cars this year, to ORTEC Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Romanian companies accelerate the pro-environment trend and opt for electric or hybrid vehicles. 
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Wed 25 Jan

Business Lease Romania: 1st position in Car Fleet Management in 2016, with 27% market share

• With 27% of the Car Fleet Management market, Business Lease takes the lead in Romania;

• The company also increased its operational leasing portfolio with 21%, operating a total of over 3,000 contracts;

• Main focus in 2017: development of digitalized services and mobility products focused on Romanian major cities and showing responsible behavior to community. Read More

Fri 23 Dec

INTERVIEW - Alina Iosif: „At Business Lease, we want to know the person behind CV”

Only a year after entering in the Romanian market, Business Lease has established itself as one of the leading players of Operational Leasing and Fleet Management field. Read More

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